Ricardo de Bittencourt Brum

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In the UK, despite its low sensitivity, wet mount microscopy is often the only method of detecting Trichomonas vaginalis infection. A study was conducted in symptomatic women to compare the performance of five methods for detecting T. vaginalis: an in-house polymerase chain reaction (PCR); Aptima T. vaginalis kit; OSOM ®Trichomonas Rapid Test; culture and(More)
What makes humans unique? This question has fascinated scientists and philosophers for centuries and it is still a matter of intense debate. Nowadays, human brain expansion during evolution has been acknowledged to explain our empowered cognitive capabilities. The drivers for such accelerated expansion remain, however, largely unknown. In this sense,(More)
Conflict of interest: non-existent such as lips and thongs vibration techniques, fricative sounds, /b/ prolonged, humming, glottal firmness, labial constriction and tube phonation3-9. This techniques have in common the fact of being executed using some kind of occlusion on vocal tract, therefore classified as Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercises(OSVTE).(More)
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