Ricardo de Aldama

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This paper proposes a new algorithm to compute the resilience of a social system or an ecosystem when it is defined in the framework of the mathematical viability theory. It is applied to the problem of language coexistence: Although bilingual societies do exist, many languages have disappeared and some seem endangered presently. Mathematical models of(More)
Models of social systems generally contain free parameters that cannot be evaluated directly from data. A calibration phase is therefore necessary to assess the capacity of the model to produce the expected dynamics. However, despite the high computational cost of this calibration it doesn't produce a global picture of the relationship between the parameter(More)
Abduction is a backward chaining inference, finding the best explanations of an observation with regard to a knowledge base in a two-steps process: i) hypotheses generation, and ii) explanations selection according to a minimality criterion. A propositional abduction problem P is a tuple 〈V,O, T 〉 [3], where V is a set of variables, T denotes the background(More)
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