Ricardo da Silva Torres

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Advances in data storage and image acquisition technologies have enabled the creation of large image datasets. In this scenario, it is necessary to develop appropriate information systems to efficiently manage these collections. The commonest approaches use the so-called Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) systems. Basically, these systems try to retrieve(More)
We present tensor scale descriptor (TSD)— a shape de-scriptor for content-based image retrieval, registration, and analysis. TSD exploits the notion of local structure thickness , orientation, and anisotropy as represented by the largest ellipse centered at each image pixel and within the same homogeneous region. The proposed method uses the normalized(More)
This work exploits the resemblance between content-based image retrieval and image analysis with respect to the design of image descriptors and their effectiveness. In this context, two shape descriptors are proposed: contour saliences and segment saliences. Contour saliences revisits its original definition, where the location of concave points was a(More)
This paper proposes a new rotation-invariant and scale-invariant representation for texture image retrieval based on Steerable Pyramid Decomposition. By calculating the mean and standard deviation of decomposed image subbands, the texture feature vectors are extracted. To obtain rotation or scale invariance, the feature elements are aligned by considering(More)
Biodiversity Information Systems (BISs) involve all kinds of heterogeneous data, which include ecological and geographical features. However, available information systems offer very limited support for managing these kinds of data in an integrated fashion. Furthermore, such systems do not fully support image content (e.g., photos of landscapes or living(More)
This paper presents Eva, a tool for evaluating image descriptors for content-based image retrieval. Eva integrates the most common stages of an image retrieval process and provides functionalities to facilitate the comparison of image descriptors in the context of content-based image retrieval. Eva supports the management of image descriptors and image(More)
Fruit flies are pests of major economic importance in agriculture. Among these pests it is possible to highlight some species of genus Anastrepha, which attack a wide range of fruits, and are widely distributed in the American tropics and subtropics. Researchers seek to identify fruit flies in order to implement management and control programs as well as(More)
This paper introduces a process for developing Web GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications. This process integrates the NDT (Navigational Development Techniques) approach with some of the Organizational Semiotic models. The use of the proposed development process is illustrated for a real application: the construction of the WebMaps system.(More)