Ricardo Wright

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The first 4 years of an intensive community support program were evaluated in terms of key variables of patient stabilization. Patients (N = 196) had previously demonstrated an inability to manage themselves without repeated and/or lengthy hospitalizations. During program participation, there were significant reductions in hospital days and events (80%),(More)
We undertook a prospective randomised intervention study of the proportions of women with abnormal cytology results who were lost to follow-up in 42 general practices in urban and rural Queensland over 26 weeks. Practices in the intervention group were provided with a redesigned cervical smear request form that allowed patients to provide an address for(More)
This article reports results of a survey of police officials, prosecuting attorneys, and members of homosexual groups in the seven states that had decriminalized private homosexual behavior between consenting adults. Despite the dire predictions of many, the responses indicate that, among other things, decriminalization has had no effect on the involvement(More)
It is well-known that feeling to be a healthy or sick person most probably results from the mind than from the body. We all know healthy people who feel sick and vice versa. We were interested in the health and sickness feeling of celiac people, their autorating of these feelings and its conditioning factors as well as their expectations. In this paper we(More)
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