Ricardo Villanueva

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BACKGROUND Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease involving multiple organs. It is currently accepted that several genetic, environmental, and hormonal factors are contributing to its development. Innate immunity may have a great influence in autoimmunity through Toll-like receptors. TLR-7 recognizing single-strand(More)
A model and methodology for hardware-software codesign. 85 design. For example, the representation of the service time in the case of the server unit in a queue, would be very useful to the designer. The performance modeling stage often forms the bottleneck of the system design process and also often the most diicult one. VHDL design libraries supporting(More)
Peer-to-peer systems based on Distributed Hash Tables face tradeoffs between the performance (latency or availability) and their desired functionality. In fact, lookup latency is affected by the mismatch problem between the overlay hop and the underlying topology. So, applications built on top of such systems can be impacted. A core problem in peer-to-peer(More)
Cache attempts to improve performance in P2P systems in three ways: improve response time, availability and load balancing. Despite their benefits, some proposals are very coupled with the application level and cannot be easily implemented in other environments, other use pre-defined structures difficult to maintain, or assume peers are physically(More)
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