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A 5-year prospective study of saltwater-related deaths was undertaken in 2 medico-legal centers in Australia. This demonstrated a statistically significant elevation (P<0.01) in postmortem vitreous sodium and chloride (PMVSC) levels and sum of sodium and chloride levels in 15 cases of deaths due to saltwater drowning (SWD) in comparison with 7 immersion(More)
Aesthetic surgery of the medial thigh is indicated in three instances: excess of skin, localized steatomery, and diffuse obesity after loss of weight. In the first two cases it is possible to limit scarring to the gluteal fold. In obese patients the functional benefits of a combination excision-suction lipectomy outweigh the disadvantages of the scarring(More)
Prior to designing and performing an abdominoplasty, we use a simple test that allows us to predict, within 1 cm, the location of the suprapubic scar after a standard abdominoplasty. When the distance from the umbilicus to the suprapubic scar is less than 10 cm, we recommend using different techniques, such as an abdominoplasty with a short vertical scar, a(More)
Triangular dermal-fat flaps can be used in the excision of adherent vertical scars in the lower abdomen to prevent a recurrence of the depressed adhesion. Also, several such flaps can be used on the upper margin of an abdominoplasty, and one on the lower edge (above the pubis), to equalize the thickness and the lengths of the two edges. This results in a(More)
Suction lipectomy using a cannula to create multiple tunnels leaves multidirectional subcutaneous scars that, if deep enough, do not modify the appearance of the skin. The postoperative appearance of waves is due to either subcutaneous fat deficiency or to a relative excess of skin. Easy to distinguish clinically, these two kinds of waves may be avoided by(More)
We report our experience of the use of a scalar type incision associated with a total skin graft in the treatment of recurrences of Dupuytren's contracture. This is not an original technique, but one described by Hueston in 1984, which consists of a "Fire Break" skin graft after a simple transverse incision of recurrent Dupuytren's contracture. We attribute(More)
The authors analyse a clinical series of 87 operated cases of acute septic arthritis of the fingers. Arthritis followed either a direct neglected punctiform inoculation or an adjacent infection (subcutaneous felon), or a serious open wound having received emergency surgery. During surgery a careful assessment was made of the extent of the infection,(More)