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This study assessed the impact of acute exposure to whole-body vibration in skin temperature of the lower limbs in healthy subjects. Twelve healthy volunteers (mean age 24.55 years) were randomly assigned to two groups and were exposed to different whole-body vibration protocols (35 Hz and 40 Hz frequency and 5-6 mm amplitude). Skin temperature was measured(More)
Anatomical and functional information of the structures of interest is the basis of radiology interpretation. Many diagnosis of some facial diseases may be done through medical imaging techniques, however the most conventional present lack of information in analyzing physiological functional aspects such as microcirculation and autonomous nervous system.(More)
The usage of computational systems in medicine is changing from traditional computers to mobile devices with high performance wireless network connections and high definition touch screen user interface. Medical imaging like other clinical information systems, follow that paradigm. Although Medical thermography is the second oldest modality of medical(More)
History, presence and future of thermology societies THERMOGRAPHY AND ITS CLINICAL APPLICATIONSNEW YORK 1963 EFJ Ring1, R.Vardasca1,2 1Medical Imaging Research Unit, Faculty of Advnaced Technology, University of Glamorgan, Pontyridd, UK 2 Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (Portugal) From 1940 until the late 1950’s infrared imaging had been classified as a(More)
Anthropometry has been widely used in different fields, providing relevant information for medicine, ergonomics and biometric applications. However, the existent solutions present marked disadvantages, reducing the employment of this type of evaluation. Studies have been conducted in order to easily determine anthropometric measures considering data(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aims to conduct a non-invasive measurement of the cutaneous temperature of selected masticatory muscle regions of volunteers with and without myogenous temporomandibular disorder (TMD), using infrared thermography. METHODS 23 females (10 myogenous TMD volunteers and 13 controls) were recruited and studied. The temperature at the(More)
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