Ricardo Valerdi

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This article summarizes major achievements and challenges of software resource estimation over the last 40 years, emphasizing the Cocomo suite of models. Critical issues that have enabled major achievements include the development of good model forms, criteria for evaluating models, methods for integrating expert judgment and statistical data analysis, and(More)
This thesis proposes a methodology to create an effective performance measurement system for an interconnected organization. The performance measurement system is composed of three components: a metrics set, a metrics review business process, and a dashboard visualization technique to display the data. If designed according to the proposed methodology, the(More)
software engineering was starting to take shape, software managers found they needed a way to estimate the cost of software development and to explore options with respect to software project organization, characteristics, and cost/schedule. Along with a number of commercial and proprietary cost/schedule estimation models, one of the answers to this need(More)
The use of integrated information systems for healthcare has been started more than a decade ago. In recent years, rapid advances in information integration methods have spurred tremendous growth in the use of integrated information systems in healthcare delivery. Various techniques have been used for probing such integrated systems. These techniques(More)
This paper, documents the activity of a workshop on defining a research agenda for Systems of Systems SoS; Architecting, which was held at USC in October 2006. After two days of invited talks on critical success factors for SoS engineering, the authors of this paper convened for one day to brainstorm topics for the purpose of shaping the near-term research(More)