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This paper presents quantitative results on the return on investment of systems engineering (SE-ROI) from an analysis of the 161 software projects in the COCOMO II database. The analysis shows that, after normalizing for the effects of other cost drivers, the cost difference between projects doing a minimal job of software systems engineering—as measured by(More)
This paper, documents the activity of a workshop on defining a research agenda for Systems of Systems SoS; Architecting, which was held at USC in October 2006. After two days of invited talks on critical success factors for SoS engineering, the authors of this paper convened for one day to brainstorm topics for the purpose of shaping the near-term research(More)
This paper aims to advance the pedagogy of systems engineering by identifying opportunities and challenges in empirical research in the field. After an introduction to how empirical research could be further utilized in systems engineering, this paper discusses challenges faced when conducting empirical research in systems engineering, threats to validity(More)
This paper discusses the notion of collective intelligence through the application of the Wideband Delphi method as a way to obtain convergence among a group of experts. The specific application is the definition and calibration of cost estimation models that use data collected from experts as part of their calibration. Convergence is important in this case(More)