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Cytokinins are essential molecules involved in shoot induction during in vitro propagation. The addition of cytokinins into culture medium may modulate the endogenous metabolism of various compounds(More)
Sugarcane is a renewable energy source that provides an alternative to fossil fuels and somatic embryogenesis can improve plant breeding for this purpose. Sugarcane somatic embryo development(More)
Due to the economic importance of wood production, species including Cedrela fissilis Vell. and Cariniana legalis (Mart.) Kuntze have been heavily exploited and are currently threatened with(More)
Improvements to in vitro organogenesis are essential for optimizing shoot development and understanding basic physiological processes. The addition of polyamines (PAs) to the culture medium has been(More)
Proteomics has been applied primarily to analyze and understand the dynamic biological processes of seed germination. In this study, we analyzed the proteomic profile of Cariniana legalis (Mart.)(More)
Efficient protocols for somatic embryogenesis of papaya (Carica papaya L.) have great potential for selecting elite hybrid genotypes. Addition of polyethylene glycol (PEG), a nonplasmolyzing osmotic(More)