Ricardo Soto

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Set covering problem is the model for many important industrial applications. In this paper, we solve some benchmarks of this problem with ant colony optimization algorithms using a new transition rule. A look-ahead mechanism was incorporated to check constraint consistency in ant computing. Computational results are presented showing the advantages to use(More)
BACKGROUND The current study was conducted to examine the outcomes of pneumonectomy after induction chemoradiotherapy in patients with locally advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS All patients undergoing pneumonectomy after induction therapy at the Brigham and Women's Hospital were retrospectively evaluated for 30-day and 100-day mortality(More)
A Constraint Satisfaction Problem is defined by a set of variables and a set of constraints, each variable has a nonempty domain of possible values. Each constraint involves some subset of the variables and specifies the allowable combinations of values for that subset. A solution of the problem is defined by an assignment of values to some or all of the(More)
1 Escuela de Ingenierı́a Informática, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaı́so, Valparaı́so 2362807, Chile 2 Department of Engineering Science, University of Auckland, Auckland 1020, New Zealand 3 Instituto de Estadı́stica, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaı́so, Valparaı́so 2362807, Chile 4 CIMFAV Facultad de Ingenierı́a, Universidad de(More)
BACKGROUND Lateral patellar retinacular release has been recommended for patients with patellar tilt, tight lateral retinaculum, patellar subluxation, patellar dislocation, and patellofemoral pain. Studies of long-term outcomes after lateral release are limited, especially for differing indications. HYPOTHESIS Adolescents do well after lateral retinacular(More)
This paper presents the first implementation of COMMA, a new solver independent language for modeling constraintbased problems. The combination of a constraint language with an object-oriented framework represents the base of the core of COMMA. Extension capabilities have also been included with the aim of tackling a wide range of applications from(More)
A reactive and hybrid constraint solver Eric Monfroy a b , Carlos Castro c , Broderick Crawford d , Ricardo Soto d e , Fernando Paredes f & Christian Figueroa g a Departemento de Informática , Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María , Av. España 1680, Valparaíso, Av. Chile b Département d'Informatique , Université de Nantes , France c Departemento de(More)