Ricardo S. da Rosa

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The paper addresses a comparison between the performance of a five phase and a three phase prototype induction machine under steady state. The main aspects included in the comparison are: torque capability, efficiency, power factor, losses and active volume. An analytical model for steady state including losses and saturation is also presented; the model(More)
The steady state operating curves of three design variants of a five-phase induction machine are assessed and compared to a standard three-phase induction machine of the same size which is taken as the basis for the comparison. The performance in terms of torque, power factor, stator current and efficiency are analyzed for different load conditions. The(More)
The paper assesses the torque capability of high phase induction machines taking a conventional three phase machine as the basis for comparison; analytical expressions for torque as a function of phase number for machines with sinusoidal and trapezoidal airgap field are derived and discussed. A trapezoidal field is assumed to be produced through the(More)
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