Ricardo S. Prado

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The Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm was ini­ tially proposed for continuous numerical optimization, but it has been applied with success in many combinatorial optimization problems, particularly permutation-based integer combinatorial problems. In this paper, a new and general approach for combinatorial optimization is proposed using the Differential(More)
Network reconfiguration for service restoration in distribution systems is a combinatorial complex optimization problem that usually involves multiple non-linear constraints and objective functions. For large scale distribution systems no exact algorithm has found adequate restoration plans in real-time. On the other hand, the combination of Multi-Objective(More)
Problems in power distribution system reconfiguration (PDSR), such as service restoration, power loss reduction, and expansion planning, are usually formulated as complex multi-objective and multiconstrained optimization problems. Several evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been developed to deal with PDSR problems, but the majority of EAs still demand high(More)
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