Ricardo S. Britto

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In this work we propose an enhanced model for mapping from sonar sensors and odometry that allows a robot to represent an environment map in a more suitable way to both the sonar sensory data and odometry system of the robot. We use a stochastic modelling of the errors that brings up reliable information. As a contribution, we obtain a final map that is(More)
In this paper, we introduce a hardware-software architecture for controlling the autonomous mobile robot Kapeck. The Kapeck robot is composed of a set of sensors and actuators organized in a CAN bus. Two embedded computers and eigth microcontroller-based boards are used in the system. One of the computers hosts the vision system, due to the significant(More)
This work proposes a localization system for mobile robots using the Extended Kalman Filter. The robot navigates in an known environment where the lines of the floor are used as natural landmarks and identifiqued by using the Hough transform.The prediction phase of the Kalman Filter is implemented using the odometry model of the robot. The update phase(More)
Some general facts about Hansen's Disease are presented: in the world, in the Americas, in 1986, with the purpose to focalize on the Northern Region of Brazil (Amazon Valley) where an attempt is made to specify, State, the clinical forms in the active registry, the respective coefficients of Prevalence, about the cases detected during the year, by clinical(More)
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