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Translational repression by Drosophila Pumilio (Pum) protein controls posterior patterning during embryonic development. Here, we show that Pum is an important mediator of synaptic growth and plasticity at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). Pum is localized to the postsynaptic side of the NMJ in third instar larvae and is also expressed in larval neurons.(More)
Metazoan replication-dependent histone mRNAs end in a conserved stem-loop rather than in the poly(A) tail found on all other mRNAs. The 3' end of histone mRNA binds a single class of proteins, the stem-loop binding proteins (SLBP). In Xenopus, there are two SLBPs: xSLBP1, the homologue of the mammalian SLBP, which is required for processing of histone(More)
RESUMEN Este artículo muestra los aspectos más importantes relacionados con la va-lidación de escalas aplicadas en investigación en salud e ilustra los pasos de este proceso. En el artículo se discuten los conceptos relacionados con la selección de los ítems, traducción, validez, confiabilidad y utilidad. ABSTRACT Validating scales used for measuring(More)
OBJECTIVE Characterize diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in Bogota, Colombia and examine the extent and determinants of patient delay. MATERIAL AND METHODS Using a census approach we identified 1 106 women with breast cancer. Information was gathered through personal interviews and the review of medical records. Patient delay was defined as the(More)
We present a methodfor adaptie interpolado% to be med with w volume rendering dgorit~ which prmides high image @@while diminishingconsiderab~ the comput~-on tim~ me method usu theprojection detm-k of the wmelet tr~orm of the sampled data to obtain a Iocd estimate of the Spectral content of the ha %enwer the @tion (sampled data) apprtiat~ a pol~omid of order(More)
BACKGROUND Infection with multiple types of human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the main risk factors associated with the development of cervical lesions. In this study, cervical samples collected from 1,810 women with diverse sociocultural backgrounds, who attended to their cervical screening program in different geographical regions of Colombia, were(More)
Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) is an essential factor for DNA replication and repair. PCNA forms a toroidal, ring shaped structure of 90 kDa by the symmetric association of three identical monomers. The ring encircles the DNA and acts as a platform where polymerases and other proteins dock to carry out different DNA metabolic processes. The amino(More)