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In this work a new implementation is presented based on Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) to develop parallel applications. This approach is based on asynchronous messaging, using Asynchronous Messaging Invocation (AMI) models, along with an extension of the Implementation Repository to manage and distribute remote processes. Two interesting(More)
Summal'y The contribution of autoimmunity in the genesis of chronic Chagas' heart pathology is not dear. In the present study, we show that: (a) BALB/c mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi reject syngeneic newborn hearts; (b) in vivo treatment with anti-CD4 but not anti-CD8 monodonal antibodies (mAbs) abrogates rejection; (c) CD4 + T calls from(More)
Lymphocytes produce a pro-inflammatory factor, which modulates the development of acute inflammation. Injection of lymphocytes or products, obtained from either rats, dogs or rabbits, caused a restoration of inflammatory responses in leukopenic rats which are hyporeactive to various inflammatory stimuli. In vitro incubation of viable lymphocytes with(More)
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