Ricardo Pocinho

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Information technology (IT) and serious games allow older population to remain independent for longer. Hence, when designing technology for this population, developmental changes, such as attention and/or perception, should be considered. For instance, a crucial developmental change has been related to cognitive speed in terms of reaction time (RT).(More)
The aim of this study is to understand how religion and spirituality influence the experience of older people in institutional context. It is intended to assess the level of religiosity, spirituality and assess the prevalence of depression among the elderly. In this study participants answered the following instruments: Sociodemographic Questionnaire, Scale(More)
The purpose of this study was to critically analyse the role that positive emotions, flourishing and mindfulness have among the elderly. It was explored how these concepts can contribute to successful aging and higher levels of happiness in this population. To this end, we conducted a non-experimental correlational study with 329 participants, aged from 55(More)
In a reality where we assist aging population, it is important to create more strategies to make this stage of life more positive and healthy. We know that many losses occur in this process on social and individual levels. The retirement is one of these losses, this one with great impact on the elderly people, once they've been professionally active during(More)
In a society where population aging is a very present reality, it is urgent the adaptation of social policies and strategies for promoting the well-being of this age group [7]. Learning lifelong and adult education are strategies that aim to achieve social, cultural and economic development [4]. They are, undoubtedly, strategies that have a positive impact(More)
This research aimed to study the effect of leisure activities in the psychological well-being, attitude for leisure and distress of seniors. The sample consisted of 403 participants (male -- 150; female -- 253), with a range age between 53--93 years. Regarding the perception of health condition, 333 subjects were considered independent (81.4%) while 70(More)
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