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  • Ricardo Pereira, Câmera Leal, André Luiz Carvalhal da Silva, Silvia Mourthé Valadares, André Luiz Carvalhal
  • 2004
A A A A ABSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT BSTRACT This paper analyzes the control structure of Brazilian public companies at the end of 1998. We show a high degree of ownership concentration. Even when there is no majority shareholder, the largest one owns a significant portion of the voting capital, and the company is, on average, controlled by its three(More)
The Ultra Flat Architecture is a new concept of fixed mobile convergent networks that aims to scale well with the mobile internet traffic explosion prognosticated for the next 5–10 years. This paper investigates the adequacy of three different signaling protocol alternatives for the Ultra Flat Architecture based on operator requirements. The applied(More)
We tested the hypothesis that females of a small vocal marine fish with exclusive paternal care, the painted goby, prefer high parental-quality mates such as large or high-condition males. We tested the effect of male body size and male visual and acoustic courtship behaviour (playback experiments) on female mating preferences by measuring time spent near(More)
Spirometry is essential for the diagnosis and management of common respiratory diseases. However, its use and quality are low in primary care. An important reason for this is the technical difficulty in performing conventional spirometry. If high-quality spirometry could be performed online, from the pulmonary function laboratory in hospitals, most of the(More)
1. Abstract A solar trigeneration system, based on photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) collectors, photovoltaic (PV) modules and a heat pump unit for heating and cooling, is modelled to forecast the thermal and electric yields of the system. The aim of the trigeneration system is to provide enough electricity, domestic hot water (DHW), heating and cooling power to(More)
Automatic home respiratory polygraphy (HRP) scoring functions can potentially confirm the diagnosis of sleep apnoea-hypopnoea syndrome (SAHS) (obviating technician scoring) in a substantial number of patients. The result would have important management and cost implications. The aim of this study was to determine the diagnostic cost-effectiveness of a(More)
During the last 20 years the research of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems (BIPV) related with different techniques and concepts has been widespread, but rather scattered. In BIPV systems photovoltaic panels functioning as an integral part of the building envelope, therefore, enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building. In addition of providing(More)
Laparoscopic surgery (LS) has revolutionized traditional surgical techniques introducing minimally invasive procedures for diagnosis and local therapies. LSs have undeniable advantages, such as small patient incisions, reduced postoperative pain and faster recovery. On the other hand, restricted vision of the anatomical target, difficult handling of the(More)