Ricardo P. J. Budde

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Tyrphostins, a series of compounds with hydroxy cis-cinnamonitrile backbone structures, are used as protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors to study signal transduction. While studying the inhibition of pp60c-src protein tyrosine kinase activity with tyrphostins 23 and 25 (3,4-di- and 3,4,5-trihydroxy cis-cinnamonitrile), we found the inhibitors to be quite(More)
OBJECTIVES Multidetector CT (MDCT) has shown potential for prosthetic heart valve (PHV) assessment. We assessed the image quality of different PHV types to determine which valves are suitable for MDCT evaluation. METHODS All ECG-gated CTs performed in our institutions since 2003 were reviewed for the presence of PHVs. After reconstruction in 3 specific(More)
Cardiac pulsatility and aortic compliance may result in aortic area and diameter changes throughout the cardiac cycle in the entire aorta. Until this moment these dynamic changes could never be established in the aortic root (aortic annulus, sinuses of Valsalva and sinotubular junction). The aim of this study was to visualize and characterize the changes in(More)
OBJECTIVES Multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) can detect the cause of prosthetic heart valve (PHV) dysfunction but is hampered by valve-induced artifacts. We quantified artifacts of four PHV using a pulsatile in-vitro model and assessed the relation to leaflet motion and valve design. METHODS A Medtronic Hall tilting disc (MH), and Carbomedics (CM),(More)
In totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass surgery, intra-operative assessment of anastomotic quality is needed. We evaluated the endoscopic application of epicardial ultrasound to visualize the coronary anastomosis and detect a construction error. In 8 pigs (71-78kg), 16 internal mammary artery to left anterior descending coronary artery anastomoses were(More)
BACKGROUND The objectives of this study were to evaluate the influence of iterative reconstruction (IR) on pulmonary nodule volumetry with chest computed tomography (CT). METHODS Twenty patients (12 women and 8 men, mean age 61.9, range 32-87) underwent evaluation of pulmonary nodules with a 64-slice CT-scanner. Data were reconstructed using filtered back(More)
Multidetector-row CT is promising for prosthetic heart valve (PHV) assessment but retrospectively ECG-gated scanning has a considerable radiation dose. Recently introduced iterative reconstruction (IR) algorithms may enable radiation dose reduction with retained image quality. Furthermore, PHV image quality on the CT scan mainly depends on extent of PHV(More)
OBJECTIVE There is concern about the quality of the distal anastomosis in off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting. We investigated the impact of specific construction errors on anastomotic geometry using epicardial ultrasound. METHODS Twelve ex vivo pressure perfused porcine and five isolated post-mortem human hearts were used to construct 35 internal(More)
OBJECTIVES Multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) has diagnostic value for the evaluation of prosthetic heart valve (PHV) dysfunction but it is hampered by artefacts. We hypothesised that image acquisition using prospective triggering instead of retrospective gating would reduce artefacts related to pulsating PHV. METHODS In a pulsatile in vitro model,(More)
To assess the prognostic value of aortic valve and mitral valve/annulus calcifications for cardiovascular events in heavily smoking men without a history of cardiovascular disease. Heavily smoking men without a cardiovascular disease history who underwent non-contrast-enhanced low-radiation-dose chest CT for lung cancer screening were included. Non-imaging(More)