Ricardo P. Ferreira

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Retention of habitat fragments within the urban matrix can provide critical resources for the maintenance of regional biodiversity while still providing socio-economic value. Euglossini bees are important components in a community as they are important pollinators for economically valuable plants as well as hundreds of orchid species. However, some species(More)
The use of trap nests supplies important biological information concerning the biology of bees and wasps. However, the knowledge about the factors that influence the management of these groups is still scarce. Our study aimed to analyze the effects of the orientation of nest entrance, shading, and block material (wood or vermiculite) on the frequency,(More)
Knowledge of the spatial variability of soil properties and of forage yield is needed for informed use of soil inputs such as variable rate technology (VRT) for lime and fertilizers. The objective of this research was to map and evaluate the spatial variability of soil properties, yield, lime and fertilizer needs and economic return of an alfalfa pasture.(More)
The prediction of the traffic behavior could help to make decision about the routing process, as well as enables gains on effectiveness and productivity on the physical distribution. This need motivated the search for technological improvements in the Routing performance in metropolitan areas. The purpose of this paper is to present computational evidences(More)
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