Ricardo Orosco

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The fact that Albrecht's function point method must be frequently improved or adjusted to suit new development contexts shows that there is a need for a new approach to early estimate effort. Such approach should reduce the estimation error and it is convenient for it to be based on use cases. The authors defined two simple metrics which capture two key(More)
The construction of information visualization systems is a difficult task. However, there are few works in the provision of software architectures for visualization systems, in order to reduce this difficulty. Particularly, systems that provide a reusable support for the automatic management of the different levels of abstraction in which complex data can(More)
Function points are a standard method frequently used to calculate size and to estimate effort in applications. Although it has been used with good results in the development of industrial software, it is still necessary to improve some aspects such as: the time at which the estimation of effort is performed and the margin of error in the effort estimation.(More)
The construction of data visualization systems providing interactive control over the different detail levels that such data can be observed is a complex and time consuming task. In this work an approach to provide a reusable object-oriented support for this functionality is presented. The approach is based on the concept of abstractor objects which(More)
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