Ricardo N. Vaz

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Received video quality is dependent on the available link rate and the packet loss rate, which are inter-related in a busy network link. Even low packet loss ratios (PLRs) can significantly reduce the video quality. In this paper, a packet level parity FEC is applied to the video stream in order to reduce the video PLR. A constant gross data rate is(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) is a recent technology to assist in therapy and neurorehabilitation. In doing so, VR enables a realistic performance, with higher motivation and immersion in the problematic situation. VR increases ecological value and skills generalization; however this technology is still disorder-oriented. Patient’s response to treatment differs from(More)
In this paper we present a system for analyzing tracks using graphics inspired in wind roses. The elements of the rose in­clude petals that aggregate tracks given their direction and that also show their average speeds within an area around a point in a map, as well as arrows that point to the origin and destination of the tracks. The user can(More)
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