Ricardo Morales

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The oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein is a glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored protein expressed by neurons and oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system. Attempts have been made to identify the functions of the myelin-associated inhibitory proteins (MAIPs) after axonal lesion or in neurodegeneration. However, the developmental roles of some of(More)
The electrophysiological characterisation of cultured neurons is of paramount importance for drug discovery, safety pharmacology and basic research in the neurosciences. Technologies offering low cost, low technical complexity and potential for scalability towards high-throughput electrophysiology on in vitro neurons would be advantageous, in particular for(More)
In three experiments, the locus of tail stimulation in the tailflick assay was found to be an important parameter in determining morphine action. Rats were intravenously infused (Experiment I), injected with morphine subcutaneously (Experiment II), or implanted subcutaneously with morphine pellets (Experiment III). Analgesia was evaluated periodically(More)
BACKGROUND In Chile, the clinical guidelines "for the treatment of people from first episode of schizophrenia" aim to support individuals with schizophrenia to live independently, establishment occupational goals, and gain an adequate quality of life and social interaction. This requires the implementation of a treatment model that integrates psychosocial(More)
The paper proposes a novel method for an accurate and unobtrusive reconstruction of the upper-limb kinematics of stroke patients during robot-aided rehabilitation tasks with end-effector machines. The method is based on a robust analytic procedure for inverse kinematics that simply uses, in addition to hand pose data provided by the robot, upper arm(More)
Rats were implanted with an indwelling vascular cannula in the jugular vein, femoral artery or carotid artery, and evaluated for postsurgical weight changes and cannula patency. Complete details for surgical methods and materials are presented for each procedure. Over a 14 day period, the carotid artery procedure produced the most profound weight loss,(More)
A catalytic process for the selective formation of cis olefins would help minimize the production of unhealthy trans fats during the partial hydrogenation of edible oils. Here we report on the design of such a process on the basis of studies with model systems. Temperature programmed desorption data on single crystals showed that the isomerization of trans(More)
This paper presents a microdevice for monitoring, control and management of electric loads at home. The key idea is to compact the electronic design as much as possible in order to install it inside a Schuko socket. Moreover, the electronic Schuko socket (electronic microdevice + Schuko socket) has the feature of communicating with a central unit and with(More)
Cloud droplet formation depends on the condensation of water vapor on ambient aerosols, the rate of which is strongly affected by the kinetics of water uptake as expressed by the condensation (or mass accommodation) coefficient, αc. Estimates of αc for droplet growth from activation of ambient particles vary considerably and represent a critical source of(More)
The aim of rehabilitation robotic area is to research on the application of robotic devices to therapeutic procedures. The goal is to achieve the best possible motor, cognitive and functional recovery for people with impairments following various diseases. Pneumatic actuators are attractive for robotic rehabilitation applications because they are(More)