Ricardo Mendoza González

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The design and development of graphical user interfaces for rich Internet applications are well known difficult tasks with tools. The designers must be aware of the computing platform, the user's characteristics (education, social background, among others) and the environment within users must interact with the application. We present a method to design(More)
The potential of oral exposure to dolomite, a natural product that contains calcium and magnesium, to initiate teratogenesis was analyzed in Wistar rats. Animals received dolomite oral dosages of 500 and 1500mg/kg during the period of gestation from day 6-15 post conceptionem (p.c.). Maternal, embryo and fetal toxicity were evaluated. Dolomite exposure did(More)
This paper presents a new method to assess usability, security, and e-commerce requirements of websites. Previous research works propose a list of primary requirements for human-computer interaction, security, and e-commerce in an independent way, but they do not integrate these three aspects into a single evaluation method. We present an overview of these(More)
A specification is provided in this paper to assist in the design of usable and secure web-services. In particular, this specification helps design an adequate security information feedback based on User Interface Patterns, the resulting visual feedback is then evaluated against a set of design/evaluation criteria called HumanComputer Interaction for(More)
INTRODUCTION The association between testosterone and prostate cancer badly is understood. The testosterone levels are not conclusive to distinguish benign prostate processes of malignant. The objective of our work is to determine the relation between levels of serum testosterone and prostate cancer. MATERIAL AND METHOD 38 patients with prostate cancer(More)
Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, Centro de Ciencias Básicas, Dpto. Sistemas de Información Av. Universidad #940, Cd. Universitaria, CP. 20131, Aguascalientes, México. Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes, Dirección de Posgrado e Investigación, Calle Paseo San Gerardo No. 207. Fracc. San Gerardo. C.P. 20342. Aguascalientes, México Instituto(More)