Ricardo Mendizábal-Burastero

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The recent expansion of antiretroviral treatment (ART) coverage in middle/low-income countries has been associated with increasing prevalence of HIV pre-ART drug resistance (PDR). We assessed PDR prevalence, patterns, and trends in Guatemala. Blood samples from 1,084 ART-naive individuals, enrolled from October 2010 to December 2013 at the Roosevelt(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2007, Guatemala integrated STI clinical service with an HIV prevention model into four existing public health clinics to prevent HIV infection, known as the VICITS strategy. We present the first assessment of VICITS scale-up, retention, HIV and STI prevalence trends, and risk factors associated with HIV infection among Female Sex Workers(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the secondary resistance patterns of HIV-1to Anti-Retroviral Agents drugs (ART) in patients with virological failure in the main HIV care center in Guatemala. METHODS Using the Stanford HIV Database,HIV pol sequences were analyzed to obtain resistance patterns in patients with first-failure to ART or multiple-failures (2 or more(More)
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