Ricardo Matos

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Selecting values for fixation filters is a difficult task as not only the specifics of the selected filter algorithm has to be taken into account, but also what it is going to be used for and by whom. In this paper the selection and testing process of values for an I-VT fixation filter algorithm implementation is described.
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have shown a high-potential to fulfill the requirements of the Next Generation Networks (NGNs). Although mobility management is crucial to develop large-scale WMNs, the heterogeneity of today’s Internet will imply a context-aware architecture in the future to optimize the users’ experience. Network virtualization, as a mean to(More)
In a Portuguese population of Salaria pavo, two types of reproductively active males occur: large bourgeois males that defend nests and have fully developed secondary sex characters (SSC) and small sneaker males that mimic the females morphology and behaviour to approach nests and parasitize fertilizations. These two alternative reproductive tactics are(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have gained increasing attention as an attractive means to provide connectivity in complement to access as offered by regular Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Such a grass-root technique, however, often suffers from detrimental operating conditions and poor quality. Network virtualization, on the other hand, has been widely(More)
We present a real-world testbed for research and development in vehicular networking that has been deployed successfully in the sea port of Leixões in Portugal. The testbed allows for cloud-based code deployment, remote network control and distributed data collection from moving container trucks, cranes, tow boats, patrol vessels and roadside units, thereby(More)
Currently and in the future, users demand for ubiquitous network connection to interact with the world. Moreover, the mobile devices are increasingly widespread and are better equipped in terms of access connections and services support. Mobility management is therefore an intrinsic feature of mobile networks; however, it is not yet ready to support the so(More)
This paper discusses the use of water quality deterministic modelling together with an integrated approach to assess the impact of urban stormwater discharges into ephemeral watercourses, based on the study of a Portuguese catchment. The description of the main aspects, difficulties and benefits found during data collection and model calibration and(More)
Broadband Wireless Access technologies are expected to play a central role in next generation networks. WiMAX, based on the IEEE 802.16 standard, has the potential to form the foundation upon which operators will deliver ubiquitous Internet access in the near future. It is also widely anticipated that the next generation wireless networks will handle an(More)
This paper presents a three-dimensional numerical and experimental geometric optimization study to maximize the total heat transfer rate between a bundle of finned tubes in a given volume and external flow, for staggered arrangements of circular and elliptic tubes. Experimental results were obtained for circular and elliptic configurations with twelve(More)