Ricardo Mateus

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Although social, economic, and cultural indicators are of substantial importance to the concept of sustainable building, this concept is usually related to environmental characteristics. Any building level assessment method is complex and involves contradictory aspects. Moreover, emphasizing qualitative criteria only increases confusion. R&D and(More)
Over recent years, Portugal has been working towards their integration in the trans-European high-speed railway network. While in Spain several new high-speed lines are already under construction or beginning operation, in Portugal the necessary studies are still being carried out. One of these studies concerned the location of one of the high-speed railway(More)
The consequences of unwanted feature interactions in a Software Product Line (SPL) can range from minor problems to critical software failures. However, detecting feature interactions in reasonably complex model-based SPLs is a non-trivial task. This is due to the often large number of interdependent models that describe the SPL features and the lack of(More)
Since the last decade of the twentieth century, the healthcare industry is paying attention to the environmental impact of their buildings and therefore new regulations, policy goals, and Building Sustainability Assessment (HBSA) methods are being developed and implemented. At the present, healthcare is one of the most regulated industries and it is also(More)
Solar passive strategies that have been developed in vernacular architecture from different regions are a response to specific climate effects. These strategies are usually simple, low-tech and have low potential environmental impact. For this reason, several studies highlight them as having potential to reduce the demands of non-renewable energy for(More)
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