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Pivotal role of hMT+ in long‐range disambiguation of interhemispheric bistable surface motion
The results suggest that long‐range interhemispheric binding of ambiguous motion representations mainly reflect bottom–up processes from hMT+ during perceptual state maintenance, in contrast, state transitions maybe influenced by high‐level regions such as the SPL.
Probabilistic representation of 3D object shape by in-hand exploration
This work presents a representation of 3D object shape using a probabilistic volumetric map derived from in-hand exploration of both static and non-static objects that show that valid models can be obtained.
Touch attention Bayesian models for robotic active haptic exploration of heterogeneous surfaces
The Bayesian models have demonstrated the capability to manage the uncertainty about the structure of the surfaces and sensory noise to make correct motor decisions from haptic percepts.
Towards Personalized Neural Networks for Epileptic Seizure Prediction
Several architectures and training algorithms are comparatively proposed in this work showing that it is possible to find an adequate network for one patient, but care must be taken to generalize to other patients.
Symbolic level generalization of in-hand manipulation tasks from human demonstrations using tactile
This work intends to contribute to the development of autonomous dexterous robotic hands by presenting an approach to describe the mechanisms underlying the human strategies during the execution of
Interhemispheric Binding of Ambiguous Visual Motion Is Associated with Changes in Beta Oscillatory Activity but Not with Gamma Range Synchrony
It is revealed that the visual experience of binding can be identified by distinct signatures of oscillatory activity, regardless of long-range gamma synchrony, suggesting that such type of synchrony does not underlie perceptual binding.
The Retinal Inner Plexiform Synaptic Layer Mirrors Grey Matter Thickness of Primary Visual Cortex with Increased Amyloid β Load in Early Alzheimer's Disease
A positive association between the synapse-rich inner plexiform layer (IPL) and V1 in AD is identified, which might reflect changes in synaptic function resulting from Aβ deposition, contributing to early visual loss.