Ricardo Marqués

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Acknowledgements I would like to start by thanking Professor Hervé Paulino, without whom this work would not be possible. His dedication, his patience, and his constant availability were absolutely fundamental to my thesis. I would also like to thank Professor Pedro Medeiros for his assistance in numerous occasions throughout my thesis. I extend my(More)
An emerging trend in the field of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing is the harnessing of multiple devices to cope with scalability and performance requirements. However, multi-GPU execution adds new challenges to the already complex world of General Purpose computing on GPUs (GPGPU), such as the efficient problem decomposition, and dealing with(More)
A coil design termed as broadside-coupled loop (BCL) coil and based on the broadside-coupled split ring resonator (BC-SRR) is proposed as an alternative to a conventional loop design at 7T. The BCL coil has an inherent uniform current which assures the rotational symmetry of the radio-frequency field around the coil axis. A comparative analysis of the(More)
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