Ricardo Marqués

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Regucalcin (RGN) is a calcium (Ca2+)-binding protein widely expressed in vertebrate and invertebrate species, which is also known as senescence marker protein 30, due to its molecular weight (33 kDa) and a characteristically diminished expression with the aging process. RGN regulates intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis and the activity of several proteins(More)
We propose an efficient approach for tuning the transmission characteristics of metamaterials through a continuous adjustment of the lattice structure and confirm it experimentally in the microwave range. The concept is rather general and applicable to various metamaterials as long as the effective medium description is valid. The demonstrated continuous(More)
An emerging trend in the field of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computing is the harnessing of multiple devices to cope with scalability and performance requirements. However, multi-GPU execution adds new challenges to the already complex world of General Purpose computing on GPUs (GPGPU), such as the efficient problem decomposition, and dealing with(More)
Hypertension has been associated as a pathogenesis involved in the renin angiotensin system. The most commonly used drug to block the AT 1 R, is Losartan which has specific pharmacophore groups such as imidazole and biphenyl. However the development of new selective antagonists would be advantagous to improving the treatment of hypertension. We investigated(More)
Information about the snake diversity and their natural history from the Atlantic forest domain in Brazil refer mostly to inland forests than to coastal region. Within the state of Bahia, this knowledge is concentrated to the southeastern coastal stretch. Herein we report on the diversity of snakes from the restinga, ombrophilous forest and anthropogenic(More)
Regucalcin (RGN) is a calcium-binding protein underexpressed in human prostate cancer cases, and it has been associated with the suppression of cell proliferation and the regulation of several metabolic pathways. On the other hand, it is known that the metabolic reprogramming with augmented glycolytic metabolism and enhanced proliferative capability is a(More)
Lateral hip snapping is a nosological entity that is often unknown to many orthopedists and even to some hip surgery specialists. It comprises palpable and/or audible snapping on the lateral face of the hip that is sometimes painful, caused by muscle-tendon friction on the greater trochanter during flexion and extension of the coxofemoral joint. In the(More)
— This work presents a method to calculate the noise correlation between magnetic resonance imaging coils loaded with metamaterial lenses and in the presence of a conducting phantom resembling human tissue. The method is validated by the comparison with experimental results. With this method it is studied the ability of magnetoinductive lenses to decrease(More)
A coil design termed as broadside-coupled loop (BCL) coil and based on the broadside-coupled split ring resonator (BC-SRR) is proposed as an alternative to a conventional loop design at 7T. The BCL coil has an inherent uniform current which assures the rotational symmetry of the radio-frequency field around the coil axis. A comparative analysis of the(More)