Ricardo Marcelín-Jiménez

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This paper presents, in the form of a case study, the design, implementation and performance evaluation of Phoenix: a prototype of fault-tolerant distributed storage web service, based on URLs. Phoenix includes Web Storage Middleware (WSM) that re-uses the URLs of the files to accommodate data/redundancy load dynamically as well as a set of redundancy(More)
Sergio Rajsbaum and Jorge Urrutia are with the Instituto de Matem'aticas, Universidad Nacional Aut'onoma de M'exico (UNAM), Supported in part by PAPIIT-UNAM This paper assumes a set of identical wireless hosts, each one aware of its location. The network is described by a unit distance graph whose vertices are points on the plane two of which are connected(More)
Given a set V of active components in charge of a distributed execution, a storage scheme is a sequence B<sub>0</sub>, B<sub>1</sub>,..., B<sub>b-1</sub> of subsets of V, where successive global states are recorded. The subsets, also called blocks, have the same size and are scheduled according to some fixed and cyclic calendar of b steps. During the ith(More)
The Babel File System is a dependable, scalable and flexible storage system. Among its main features we underline the availability of different types of data redundancy, a careful decoupling between data and metadata, a middleware that enforces metadata consistency, and its own load-balance and allocation procedure which adapts to the number and capacities(More)
A Wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of a potentially large number of sensor nodes with wireless-communication capabilities that work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. While every WSN application has specific requirements, there are some common basic services that any WSN must offer in order to support applications. There are available(More)
In recent years distributed storage systems have been the object of increasing interest by the research community. They promise improvements on information availability, security and integrity. Nevertheless, at this point in time, there is no a predominant approach, but a wide spectrum of proposals in the literature. In this paper we report our findings(More)