Ricardo M. Lima

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The aim of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of sarcopenic obesity and its association with obesity and sarcopenia in elderly Brazilian women. Two hundred and seventy-two sedentary women with a mean age of 66.75 ± 5.38 years were recruited for participation in this study. Obesity was determined by both body mass index and dual-energy X-ray(More)
In this paper the long-term scheduling of a real world multi-product single stage continuous process for manufacturing glass is studied. This process features long minimum run lengths, and sequence dependent changeovers of the order of days, with high transition costs. The long-term scheduling involves extended time horizons that lead to large scale mixed(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effects of resistance training (RT) on metabolic syndrome-related phenotypes in postmenopausal women. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-two postmenopausal women (65.0±4.2 years) underwent 12 weeks of whole body progressive training with intensity prescribed based on rating of perceived exertion. Dominant knee extension strength was(More)
This study introduces the Balance Exercises Circuit (BEC) and examines its effects on muscle strength and power, balance, and functional performance in older women. Thirty-five women aged 60+ (mean age = 69.31, SD = 7.35) were assigned to either a balance exercises group (BG, n = 14) that underwent 50-min sessions twice weekly, of a 12-week BEC program, or(More)
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a chronic lung disease that manifests in hypoxemia, inactivity, and poor prognosis. This study aimed to assess the prognostic role of physical activity (PA) and exertional desaturation (ED) with mortality in IPF. At baseline, 34 IPF patients (68 (50-81) years) were interviewed using the International Physical Activity(More)
Dovepress 1657 L e t t e r open access to scientific and medical research Open Access Full text Article Is it the resistance training itself or the combined associated weight loss that improves the metabolic syndrome-related phenotypes in postmenopausal women? Dear editor We read the article entitled " Resistance training improves isokinetic strength and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the blood pressure (BP) responses to cardiovascular stress test after a combined exercise circuit session at moderate intensity. METHOD Twenty individuals (10 male/10 fem; 33.4± 6.9 years; 70.2± 15.8 kg; 170.4± 11.5 cm; 22.3± 6.8% body fat) were randomized in a different days to control session with no exercise or exercise session(More)
A previous genome-wide association study suggested that polymorphisms in the thyrotrophin-releasing hormone receptor (TRHR) gene contribute to fat-free mass (FFM) variation. The aim of the present study was to examine the association between polymorphisms in the TRHR gene with FFM and muscle strength in older women. Volunteers (n = 241; age = 66.65 ± 5.5(More)
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