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This paper presents SALE, a middleware platform for mission-critical applications built upon the CORBA architecture and its extensions for real-time (RT-CORBA), fault tolerance (FT-CORBA) and security (CORBASec). The SALE platform provides different reliability, security and real-time properties, which are specified by applications as quality of service(More)
This paper presents a distributed and open ICT infrastructure that is being developed in the ECOLEAD IST IP project to help members of Collaborative Networks in doing businesses and collaborations more efficiently. ICT-I design relies on the service oriented architecture paradigm, and it is implemented with web-services. ICT-I services are to be used on(More)
Brokerage and partners search is an important activity in the creation phase of a virtual enterprise (VE), where the most adequate consortium of enterprises should be selected to respond to a given business opportunity obtained by a broker. This paper proposes a multi-agent-based architecture to support this functionality in the context of a cluster of(More)
The multi-agent systems paradigm represents one of the most promising approaches to the development of agile scheduling systems in manufacturing. Innovative and balanced perspectives of multi-agent approaches to agile scheduling are discussed in this paper, and several achieved results and current developments are described. The description of the(More)
In a Virtual Enterprise scenario the management of the supply-chain is a complex task, especially when some degrees of flexibility are envisaged to be supported. This paper intends to show an approach to improve the quality of this management in order to avoid business chaos. More preciselly, it is introduced a set of specialized software modules named(More)
Agility is an important requirement for successful organizations in periods of market turbulence and largely unpredictable socioeconomic changes. Agility in a virtual enterprise depends not only on the skills of its member enterprises but also on the characteristics of its supporting infrastructure. In this paper various requirements and approaches for(More)
This paper points out the need of advanced collaborative business ICT infrastructures (CBI) for CNOs, the requirements for the development of CBIs, and the technologies and trends considering CNO issues. The CBI devised in the ECOLEAD Project is also presented, showing how most of these requirements and emergent ICTs have been incorporated in it. This CBI –(More)