Ricardo Izquierdo

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BACKGROUND Persistent left superior vena cava (PLSVC) is the most common thoracic venous anomaly. HYPOTHESIS This study examines the epidemiologic, clinical, and morphologic characteristics of a cohort of patients with PLSVC draining into the coronary sinus. METHODS We examined the clinical and morphologic characteristics of patients with PLSVC draining(More)
In this study, an assessment was made of the possibilities of single lead DDD pacing in two groups: a group of 15 patients in whom a lead with a longitudinal atrial "floating" dipole was implanted, and another group of 10 patients with a lead with a diagonal atrial "floating" dipole. In both groups, the electrodes were connected to a SLD generator. At(More)
BACKGROUND Aspergillus infections of pacing systems are extremely uncommon, and most cases reported are characterized by an aggressive behavior that may lead to death of the patient. HYPOTHESIS The study was undertaken to assess the incidence of pacemaker infection due to Aspergillus in a defined population. METHODS A retrospective review of the case(More)
Atrial pacing with floating electrodes primarily designed for single lead VDD systems has disadvantages attributable to the floatability of the electrodes. Body and breathing movements cause changes in the position of the atrial dipole that can lead to failure of atrial capture and sensing, and even alternation of the stimulated chamber. We report the(More)
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