Ricardo Hugo S de Oliveira

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OBJECTIVE The potential adverse effects of antiretroviral drugs during pregnancy are discrepant and few studies, mostly from Europe, have provided information about pregnancy outcomes of those already on treatment at conception. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of antiretrovirals (ARVs) on pregnancy outcome according to the timing of(More)
OBJECT Two to five percent of pediatric brain tumors are located in the thalamus. The optimal management for these tumors remains unclear. The aim of this study was to determine whether clinical and neuroimaging features could guide treatment, and to what extent these features, together with histological diagnosis and treatment modalities, influenced(More)
Evidence demonstrates that sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activation causes osteopenia via β(2)-adrenoceptor (β2-AR) signaling. Here we show that female mice with chronic sympathetic hyperactivity owing to double knockout of adrenoceptors that negatively regulate norepinephrine release, α(2A)-AR and α(2C)-AR (α(2A) /α(2C)-ARKO), present an unexpected and(More)
BACKGROUND Antiretroviral therapy is provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Health to eligible HIV-infected individuals. Based on clinical and immunological classification, the Brazilian guidelines recommend dual or triple therapy for children. However, the development of drug-resistant strains or poor adherence to therapy could impact the efficacy of this(More)
BACKGROUND Vertically infected individuals are reaching childbearing age and the new generation of HIV-exposed infants is coming to pediatric care. METHODS Chart review of pregnancies among HIV vertically infected adolescents and young women. RESULTS Fifteen pregnancies were reviewed. Girls had HIV diagnosis at median age 10.1 years (range 1.3-20). They(More)
We report the inscription of a Bragg grating in an undoped polymethylmethacrylate based microstructured fiber in a time record. The fiber has been irradiated with a 248 nm ultraviolet radiation, through the phase mask technique using low fluence and low repetition rate. The experimental conditions were chosen to modify the core refractive index of the fiber(More)
IMPORTANCE Three months of a once-weekly combination of rifapentine and isoniazid for treatment of latent tuberculosis infection is safe and effective for persons 12 years or older. Published data for children are limited. OBJECTIVES To compare treatment safety and assess noninferiority treatment effectiveness of combination therapy with rifapentine and(More)
The leiuperid genus Pleurodema (Tshudi, 1838) currently comprises 15 species widely distributed in the Neotropical region (Frost, 2011), mainly in dry forests and open areas (Ferraro and Casagranda, 2009; Kolenc et al., 2009). Pleurodema diplolister (Peters, 1870) is the only species in the genus known to inhabit the Caatinga biome (shrub-like vegetation)(More)
OBJECT The authors' aim in this study was to review their experience in the use of indirect revascularization alone in a series of 14 children with moyamoya disease, in which numerous bur holes and arachnoid openings were made over each affected hemisphere. METHODS Revascularization through multiple bur holes and arachnoid openings was performed in 14(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the HIV vertical transmission rate (VTR) and associated risk factors by use of zidovudine and infant care education in Brazil. METHODS Since 1995, a prospective cohort of HIV infected pregnant women has been followed at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. A multidisciplinary team was established to implement the best(More)