Ricardo Hellman

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We describe an automated, kinetic nephelometric method for fibronectin on the Multistat III F/LS Centrifugal Analyzer (Instrumentation Laboratory Inc., Lexington, MA 02173). Antiserum is diluted with polyethylene glycol. Calibrators and samples are prediluted with potassium phosphate buffer (10 mmol/L, pH 7.0) containing 8.5 g of NaCl per litre. Intensity(More)
Plasma fibronectin levels in 66 medical ICU (MICU) patients were measured daily. Mean values of initial levels were significantly higher in survivors (266 +/- 14 mg/L) than nonsurvivors (179 +/- 13 mg/L; p less than .0003). There was extensive overlap between survivors and nonsurvivors. The clinical categories of sepsis, disseminated intravascular(More)
Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) is an important treatment option for children with severe and refractory sickle cell disease (SCD) with debilitating clinical complications. HSCT with cells from the bone marrow of a HLA-identical sibling used in SCD has a low mortality risk, high cure rate, and high event-free survival rate after a median(More)
Platelets pretinned with a neutral Sn(II)-2-mercaptopyridine-N-oxide (SN-MPO) were labeled with 99mTc and compared to those labeled with 99mTc-HMPAO. The conditions of labeling platelets, e.g. concentrations of platelets and Sn(II)-MPO, 99mTc in ACD-saline or ACD-plasma media, pH and incubation time, were optimized using canine platelets. Moderate labeling(More)
The dynamics of platelet deposition and embolization from control and heparin bonded polyurethane catheters (CPC and HBPC) was evaluated with In-111 labeled autologous platelets (IN-PLT) and a computerized gamma camera (CGC). Ten non-heparinized dogs (18-25 kg) were catheterized in both femoral arteries with 10 cm of CPC and HBPC (5 Fr., Cordis) 24 hr after(More)
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