Ricardo Halpern

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Many children are at risk of not achieving their full potential for development. Epidemiological studies have the advantage of being able to identify a number of associated factors potentially amenable to intervention. Our purpose was to identify risk factors for suspected developmental delay (SDD) at age 2 years among all children born in the city of(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the mechanism of action of the dopamine transporter (DAT) in drug addiction, the DAT1 gene is a potential candidate for molecular studies. This paper aims to compare the prevalence of allele and genotype frequencies created by the 3' UTR variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR) of this gene between crack cocaine users and controls. (More)
Acoustic analysis of infants crying, a sensitive and selective index for measuring the effect of pre and perinatal lead exposure, may provide an early marker for central nervous system damage produced by the toxic. The present study evaluated the effects of exposure to low lead levels during perinatal and early postnatal periods on ultrasonic vocalization(More)
The effects of congenital hypothyroidism in the late gestation ovine fetus include changes in serotonin concentrations in specific brain areas. To investigate possible ontogenic patterns of changes in 5-HT receptor function, we studied the binding characteristics of [3H]5-HT in the midbrain, hypothalamus and cerebral cortex in the late gestation ovine fetus(More)
Age-related changes in serotonergic regulation of neuroendocrine function were investigated in female Fischer 344 rats; serotonin ([3H]5-HT) binding sites were characterized in several brain regions. Neither the number (Bmax) nor the affinity (Kd) of [3H]5-HT sites were altered in the frontal cortex of reproductively young and senescent groups. However, a(More)
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