Ricardo Guilherme Viebig

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Due to its concern about the future of Brazilian scientific journals after new criteria were adopted by the QUA-LIS system of CAPES (Brazilian Federal Agency for the Improvement of Higher Education), the Brazilian Medical Association (Associação Médica Brasileira-AMB) has held several meetings at its headquarters in São Paulo to discuss this matter. Editors(More)
In order to better understand the rectosigmoid motor activity in diverticular disease of the colon, we studied 186 patients, grouped according to their intestinal habit, the presence of diverticular disease and previous crisis of sigmoid diverticulitis. The intestinal habit was classified as: normal habit, irritable colon syndrome, diarrhea and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Despite the progressive development of technology and better knowledge of physiopathology, GERD diagnosis remains a medical problem. The aim of the study is to verify whether the measurement of bile reflux can increase the diagnostic accuracy of GERD. METHODOLOGY 6 healthy volunteers adhered to a standard protocol, 11 Barrett's patients(More)
BACKGROUND The spectrophotometric probe, which uses bilirubin as a marker for the detection of duodenoesophagic reflux is subject to interference from strongly colored foods, which can cause erroneously high bilirubin absorbance readings. To overcome this problem it is necessary to ingest a diet that is free from such substances. OBJECTIVE To test the(More)