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RegulonDB (http://regulondb.ccg.unam.mx/) is the primary reference database of the best-known regulatory network of any free-living organism, that of Escherichia coli K-12. The major conceptual change since 3 years ago is an expanded biological context so that transcriptional regulation is now part of a unit that initiates with the signal and continues with(More)
Despite almost 40 years of molecular genetics research in Escherichia coli a major fraction of its Transcription Start Sites (TSSs) are still unknown, limiting therefore our understanding of the regulatory circuits that control gene expression in this model organism. RegulonDB (http://regulondb.ccg.unam.mx/) is aimed at integrating the genetic regulatory(More)
Torulaspora delbrueckii presents metabolic features interesting for biotechnological applications (in the dairy and wine industries). Recently, the T. delbrueckii CBS 1146 genome, which has been maintained under laboratory conditions since 1970, was published. Thus, a genome of a new mezcal yeast was sequenced and characterized and showed genetic(More)
Babesia divergens causes significant morbidity and mortality in cattle and splenectomized or immunocompromised individuals. Here, we present a 10.7-Mb high-quality draft genome of this parasite close to chromosome resolution that will enable comparative genome analyses and synteny studies among related parasites.
Candida apicola, a highly osmotolerant ascomycetes yeast, produces sophorolipids (biosurfactants), membrane fatty acids, and enzymes of biotechnological interest. The genome obtained has a high-quality draft for this species and can be used as a reference to perform further analyses, such as differential gene expression in yeast from Candida genera.
Using a scanning tunneling microscope or mechanically controllable break junctions it has been shown that it is possible to control the formation of a wire made of single gold atoms. In these experiments an interatomic distance between atoms in the chain of ∼ 3.6 ˚ A was reported which is not consistent with recent theoretical calculations. Here, using(More)
Estimating premorbid IQ is an important facet to neuropsychological or language evaluations, as it can provide valuable information when determining if performance represents a decline or impairment. In aphasia, assessment of premorbid abilities is difficult due to expressive and receptive language deficits. Past research has demonstrated that despite(More)
A circulant of order n is a Cayley graph for the cyclic group Z n , and as such, admits a transitive action of Z n on its vertices. This paper concerns 2-cell embeddings of connected circulants on closed orientable surfaces. Embeddings on the sphere (the planar case) were classified by Heuberger (2003), and by a theorem of Thomassen (1991), there are only(More)
A phage repertoire was constructed using antibody genes from the bone marrow and the spleen of a rabbit immunized with Cry1Ab toxin. Biopanning against either the Cry1Ab toxin or a domain II loop 3 synthetic peptide resulted in the identification of monoclonal antibodies in scFv format. They inhibited binding and toxicity of Cry1Ab toxin against Manduca(More)
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