Ricardo Gonçalves

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Background: There is a necessity to standardize postnatal ultrasonographic markers predictive of significant uropathies. The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of anteroposterior renal pelvic diameter (APD) on postnatal ultrasound to discriminate between significant uropathy and idiopathic renal pelvic dilatation. Materials and methods:(More)
This paper looks at producers of branded and generic pharmaceuticals’ pricing decisions under two possible reimbursement schemes—reference pricing and fixed percentage reimbursement—and under two settings—one where the branded producer only sells the (off-patent) branded pharmaceutical and another where, in addition, it may also sell its own generic(More)
The Portuguese National Strategy for the Fight Against Drugs (NSFAD), approved in 1999, was explicitly grounded on the values of humanism and pragmatism and paved the way for the decriminalization of illicit drug use in Portugal in 2000. This paper presents an analysis of the social costs of illicit drug use in the wake of the strategy's approval. Taking(More)
FOREWORD Europe Economics is an independent economics consultancy, specialising in economic regulation, competition policy and the application of economics to public policy and business issues. Most output is either private to clients, or published (a list of current published reports is available at: www.europe-economics.com). Europe Economics Staff(More)
NGAs (Next Generation Access Networks) are a challenge to regulators and operators insofar as they require large investments, there is significant uncertainty about the ability to recover costs, and the choice of the appropriate regulatory regime is far from consensual. Regulatory authorities might want to seize the moment and reconsider the mandatory(More)
We consider the set-up of a Japanese-English auction with exogenously fixed discrete bid levels for the wallet game with two bidders, following Gonçalves and Ray (2017). We show that in this auction, partition equilibria exist that may be separating or pooling. We illustrate some separating and pooling equilibria with two and three discrete bid levels. We(More)
Next Generation Access networks (NGA) entail significant investments but bring with it promises of a ―brand new world‖ in telecommunications. In this paper, we provide an overview of some of its implications. In particular, we argue that it is not clear whether the ―old‖ vertical integration model, where network operators provide end-to-end services, is(More)
The present paper works on the potential applicability of design The present paper works on the potential applicability of design research based on a practical experience with the Portuguese company Recipor --- Recuperação e Valorização de Resíduos (residues recovery and valuation), S. A., who's mission is to collect, treat and(More)