Ricardo G. Cota

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In this paper, we propose a heuristic-based hierarchical clustering (HHC) method to deal with the name disambiguation problem. The method successively fuses clusters of citations of compatible authors based on several heuristic and similarity measures on the components of the citations (e.g., coauthors, title of the work, publication venue). In each phase,(More)
Digital Libraries are complex information systems that involve rich sets of digital objects and their respective metadata, along with multiple organizational structures and services (e.g., searching, browsing, and personalization), and are normally built having a target community of users with specific interests. Central to the success of this type of(More)
This article presents a digital library solution for integrating data from a network of ecological sites using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) and the Open Digital Library (ODL) framework extended with geographic components. This solution incorporates simple, yet effective, decentralized input interfaces for handling(More)
This paper describes BDiG-PELD, a digital library for integrating ecological data produced by a Brazilian biodiversity research network. The BDiG-PELD architecture uses open interoperability standards and decentralized input interfaces for handling heterogeneous data from non-structured sources. These data are published in local EML (Ecological Metadata(More)
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