Ricardo Felipe Custódio

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Twenty-one dyslexic children, ages 9-15, were administered a battery of tests on two occasions separated by 2 years to assess the development of word recognition and spelling. The majority of the subjects were receiving intensive small-group instruction and one-on-one tutoring in reading and writing. Correlational and regression analyses supported the(More)
Farnel is a voting system proposed in 2001 in which each voter signs a ballot. It uses two ballot boxes to avoid the association between a voter and a vote. In this paper we first point out a flaw in the ThreeBallot system proposed by Rivest that seems to have gone unnoticed so far: it reveals statistical information about who is winning the election. Then,(More)
Since Needham and Schroeder introduced the idea of an active attacker, a lot of research has been made in the protocol design and analysis area in order to verify the protocols' claims against this type of attacker. Nowadays, the Dolev-Yao threat model is the most widely accepted attacker model in the analysis of security protocols. Consequently, there are(More)
Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are an useful tool to deploy public key infrastructure (PKI) and its applications. This paper presents necessary procedures and protocols to perform backup and audit in such devices when deployed in PKIs. These protocols were evaluated in an implementation of a real HSM, enabling it to perform secure backups and to provide(More)
Timed release of confidential information, where information is revealed at the date and time established by the author, is a security requirement in applications such as auctions, wills, and government buying processes. We have found that this security requirement is achieved through the fulfillment of a group of requirements that are not completely(More)
The concept of a ceremony as an extension of network and security protocols was introduced by Ellison. There are no currently available methods or tools to check correctness of the properties in such ceremonies. The potential application for security ceremonies are vast and fill gaps left by strong assumptions in security protocols. Assumptions include the(More)
Between 1975 and 1983, 53 patients with parasitologically proven visceral leishmaniasis (VL) and 16 patients with suspected VL were diagnosed in Honduras. The patients' ages ranged from 3 months to 10 years, but 95% were younger than 3 years old. Since 1978, when 16 patients were reported, the yearly incidence has declined, and in 1982 only 4 patients were(More)
The private keys used in a PKI are its most important asset. Protect these keys from unauthorised use or disclosure is essential to secure a PKI. Relying parties need assurances that the private key used to sign their certificates is controlled and managed following pre-defined statement policy. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) offer physical and logical(More)
In this paper we propose the use of a coordination layer to handle real-time communication in infrastructured WiFi networks. This layer combines a TDMA scheme with a traffic separation mechanism (FCR MAC), which enables the prioritization of real-time (RT) traffic over uncontrolled (external) traffic sources. The target of this paper is to assess the(More)