Ricardo Faccio

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The title compound, [Cu(2)(C(15)H(13)O(3))(4)(C(3)H(7)NO)(2)], is formed by the chelate coordination of four racemic fenoprofenate (fenoprofenate is 2,3-phenoxyphenyl propionate) anions and two dimethyl-formamide mol-ecules to two copper(II) ions, building a paddle-wheel dinuclear mol-ecule. The distorted square-pyramidal coordination of each Cu(II) atom is(More)
Looking for single molecule electronic devices, we have investigated the charge transport properties of individual tetra-phenylporphyrin molecules on different substrates by ultrahigh-vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy and by first-principles calculations. The tetra-phenylporphyrins with a Co atom (Co-TPP) or 2 hydrogens (H2-TPP) in the(More)
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