Ricardo Estrada

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  • R Estrada, J M Gracia-Bondía, J C Várilly
  • 1997
Modulo the moment asymptotic expansion, the Cesàro and parametric behaviours of distributions at infinity are equivalent. On the strength of this result, we construct the asymptotic analysis for spectral densities, arising from elliptic pseudodif-ferential operators. We show how Cesàro developments lead to efficient calculations of the expansion(More)
Asymptotic expansions of Green functions and spectral densities associated with partial diierential operators are widely applied in quantum eld theory and elsewhere. The mathematical properties of these expansions can be clariied and more precisely determined by means of tools from distribution theory and summability theory. (These are the same, insofar as(More)
BACKGROUND Snake bite is a common medical emergency in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The taipan, Oxyuranus scutellatus, inflicts a large number of bites that, in the absence of antivenom therapy, result in high mortality. Parenteral administration of antivenoms manufactured in Australia is the current treatment of choice for these envenomings. However, the price(More)
In nongravitational physics the local density of energy is often regarded as merely a bookkeeping device; only total energy has an experimental meaning — and it only modulo a constant term. But in general relativity the local stress-energy tensor is the source term in Einstein's equation. In closed universes, and those with Kaluza–Klein dimensions,(More)
We study the effects of admission into elite public high schools in Mexico City on students' expected earnings, arguing these effects provide an indication of the value-added those schools produce. Using data for the centralized and exam-based allocation of students into schools and an adapted regression discontinuity design strategy, we find that admission(More)
Postsecondary students with children often need an array of supports to succeed in their studies, which can require significant coordination among new and existing services 2011). Such supports might include financial aid, academic and career counseling, job placement assistance, transportation, housing, child care, and classes in English-as-a-Second(More)