Ricardo Escolá

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The development and structure of the Hassall's corpuscles are studied with the light and electron microscope in 53 guinea-pig foetuses from 30 to 58 days gestation. The different stages of their life cycle are described. Prior to the appearance of Hassall's corpuscles, no medullary lymphocytes can be found in the early medulla. Hassall's corpuscles are seen(More)
We conducted a study to localize and quantify the thromboxane B2 (TXB2) in human gingival tissue obtained from clinically healthy sites and patients with gingivitis and periodontitis. Human gingival samples were assayed for TXB2 by immunofluorescence on slides and enzyme-immunoassay (EIA). We found that concentrations of TXB2 in gingivitis sites are at mean(More)
Contemporary multielectrode arrays (MEAs) used to record extracellular activity from neural tissues can deliver data at rates on the order of 100 Mbps. Such rates require efficient data compression and/or preprocessing algorithms implemented on an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) close to the MEA. We present SIMONE (Statistical sIMulation Of(More)