Ricardo Dias

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The immunogenicity and safety of a new human rabies vaccine, produced in Vero cells by a process that does not require supplementation with human or animal derived components in production, were assessed. Thus, the objective is to produce a safer vaccine at a lower cost. A total of 296 volunteers was divided into two groups: Group 1, which received the(More)
Music recommendation systems based on Collaborative Filtering methods have been extensively developed over the last years. Typically, they work by analyzing the past user-song relationships, and provide informed guesses based on the overall information collected from other users. Although the music listening behavior is a repetitive and time-dependent(More)
In this paper we present MuVis, an interactive visualization and exploration tool for large music collections, based on music content and metadata. We combined a user-centered design with three main components: information visualization techniques (based on semantic ordered treemaps), music information retrieval mechanisms (for semantic and content-based(More)
Over the past years, music listening histories have become easily accessible due to the expansion of online lifelogging services. These histories represent the sequence of songs listen by users over time. Although this data contains intrinsic users' tastes and listening behaviors, it has been mainly used to personalize recommendations. Tools to help users(More)
The number of songs available on the Internet has grown steadily over the last decade, with the recent growth being due mainly to streaming services. As a consequence, it is extremely di cult for users to find the appropriate music that suit their needs, in particular, while using systems that do not have any previous information about them. This is further(More)
Over the last years, multimedia collections have largely increased as new items are produced every day, such as pictures, audio/music or video. In Multimedia Information Retrieval, this exponential growth leads content-based approaches to gain advantage over other solutions, not only because they take advantage of the intrinsic information contained in the(More)
Nowadays, people spend time using services to track their music listening history. Although these services provide statistics and small graphics/charts, they are mainly used to record and to allow direct access to the information, not providing any visualization and exploration functionality. In this paper we describe a new approach for browsing and(More)
Nowadays, thanks to the popularization of music streaming services, we gained access to millions of songs to listen to. One of the methods employed by these services to support browsing and promote song discovery are playlists. Additionally, creating and sharing playlists over the Internet have become common practices. A playlist can be defined as a(More)
One of the main research goals on distributed autonomous agents in a Multi-Agent System is the development of mechanisms to form a better world model using information merging from different agents. In this paper, we present a solution for robust online and real-time multiple object tracking in a multi-agent system using information gathered by various(More)
Modern mobile telecommunication systems are using MIMO combined with OFDM, which is known as MIMOOFDM, to provide robustness and higher spectrum efficiency. One major challenge in this scenario is to obtain an accurate channel estimation to detect the information symbols, once the receiver must have the channel state information to equalize and process the(More)