1Martha Leó N-Olea
1Céu Costa
1Manuel Neves
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A program for action potential waveform analysis based on a PC compatible computer is described. Single or averaged action potentials are analyzed by obtaining its first derivative and using criteria which allow automatic measurement of several action potential components, including: depolarization rate, repolarization rate, amplitude, duration, resting(More)
  • Céu Costa, Sofia Pereira, Luís Lima, Andreia Peixoto, Elisabete Fernandes, Diogo Neves +10 others
  • 2015
Muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC, stage ≥T2) is generally associated with poor prognosis, constituting the second most common cause of death among genitourinary tumours. Due to high molecular heterogeneity significant variations in the natural history and disease outcome have been observed. This has also delayed the introduction of personalized(More)
We report the existence and anatomical distribution to nociceptin/orphanin-FQ (N/O FQ)-like immunoreactivity in neurons and fibers in the perioesophageal ganglia of the snail (Helix aspersa). Intracellular recordings from perioeso-phageal ganglion neurons showed that the application of 10 mM N/O FQ produced an excitatory action in 22% of the neurons studied(More)
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