Ricardo Costantini

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Anastomotic dehiscence after colon resection is the most frequent complication in colon surgery and the main cause of post-operative death. In the light of anatomical peculiarities of the blood supply to the rectum, it would appear that in atherosclerotic patients with impairment of hypogastric arteries (80% in authors' series out of 200 atherosclerotic(More)
The Authors have examined 30 patients post-total thyroidectomy and registered a transient decrease of calcemia in 9 and a decrease of PTH in 11. Serum albumin and calcitonin were always normal. In all the patients calcemia and PTH returned to normal values in 7 days except in 2 patients in whom the values were normalized after one month.
AIM The management of acute mild biliary pancreatitis is multidisciplinary and still presents controversies in the diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The aim of this retrospective study is to establish if a risk stratification of choledocholithiasis can optimize the employment of technological resources and medical competence in the treatment of(More)
It is emphasized that currently only surgery offers a real hope of improving the prognosis of patients suffering from liver metastases and many data from the Literature supporting this contention are reported. Indications and prognostic factors for the surgical treatment of these lesions are evaluated. A series of 36 patients operated on for hepatic(More)
Long-term chemotherapeutic drugs administration in cancer patients requires the use of special devices such as TIS (Totally Implantable Systems) for central venous access without complications such as thrombosis and sepsis. From January 91 to January 95, 42 TIS were implanted in the same number of oncology patients at the Institute of Surgical Pathology of(More)