Ricardo Chalmeta

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a customer-focused business strategy that dynamically integrates sales, marketing and customer care service in order to create and add value for the company and its customers. This change towards a customer-focused strategy is leading to a strong demand for CRM solutions by companies. However, in spite of companies(More)
The dynamic and competitive enterprise environment requires enterprises to ensure the highest pro®t from their resources, integrating them to work together in obtaining the enterprises objectives. The project of design and implementation of an Integrating Enterprise System, is an extremely complex project that involves di€erent technological, human and(More)
A virtual transport enterprise (VTE) is a temporary alliance of independent transport enterprises that come together to share resources, skills, and costs, supported by Information and Communication Technologies, in order to better attend market opportunities. To design an efficient and flexible VTE that presents the semblance of a single enterprise to the(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to propose a framework that intends to help organisations achieve the sustainability goal by means of a methodology that integrates sustainability in both the planning and management tasks of the organisation and that serves as a base for the implementation of an information system aligned with the business strategy.(More)