Ricardo Cavazos

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The learning benefits of contextual interference have been frequently demonstrated in different settings using novice learners. The purpose of the present study was to test such effects with skilled athletic performers. Scheduling differences for biweekly additional ("extra") batting-practice sessions of a collegiate baseball team were examined. 30 players(More)
Two common problems in econometric models of production are aggregation and unobservable variables. Many production processes are subject to production shocks, hence both expected and realized output is unknown when inputs are committed. Expectations processes are notoriously difficult to model, especially when working with aggregated data or risk-averse(More)
Behavioral assumptions are often the central building blocks of many economic theories, such as the assumption of profit or utility maximization. This paper proposes a procedure to test for behavioral assumptions. The test relies on the following principle: Behavior manifests itself in the form of " shape conditions. " For example, if a firm minimizes(More)
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