Ricardo Caceffo

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A Concept Inventory (CI) is a set of multiple choice questions used to reveal student's misconceptions related to some topic. Each available choice (besides the correct choice) is a distractor that is carefully developed to address a specific misunderstanding, a student wrong thought. In computer science introductory programming courses, the development of(More)
The Active Learning Model (ALM) is an educational model which proposes that students should participate, along with the teacher, as direct agents of their own learning process. Computer systems created to implement and support the ALM through activities are known as Classroom Response Systems (CRS). The CRS, usually supported by traditional pen-based Tablet(More)
The constructivist theory indicates that knowledge is not something finished and complete. However, the individuals must construct it through the interaction with the physical and social environment. The Active Learning is a methodology designed to support the constructivism through the involvement of students in their learning process, allowing them to(More)
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